Max Chops

Year: 2016
Genre: Instrumental Symphonic Metal
Tracks: 9
Contributors: 8

Album Concept:


Max Chops was written by South African composer, Mark Allnutt, with the intention of bringing together some of Mark’s favourite Metal musicians from Cape Town, and having them perform to songs he’d written.


Combining Marks love of Heavy Metal with his background in Orchestral training, Max Chops is an exploration into the Symphonic side of Heavy Metal.

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Max Chops the Character:


Max is a hominin from Pyjama Planet. The perpetual night-time glow propelled the remaining survivors of the solar meltdown into wearing the most comfortable, appropriate clothing: pyjamas.


Max is a robust, relatively intelligent, gentle and calm being. Despite his athletic physique and chiseled bone structure, he has but one flaw; he’s allergic to sheep skin. Forced to wear sandals and forgo the comfort of slippers, Max has an advantage over everyone else; relatively better feet dexterity.


This added speed and power makes his journey a tumultuous, yet wildly adventurous one.

World Story:


In a distant quadrant of the known universe, a solar system lost its sun, and the radiation that spilled from its destruction infused its orbiting planets with perpetual, brilliant phosphorescence.


Deep at the centre of this broken system of still-orbiting worlds spins Pyjama Planet. It is a beautiful world of strange, glowing creatures, iridescent flora, and a scattering of resilient, radiant, pyjama-clad hominins.


Drifting amidst a sky of perpetual night, this world of myriad light has found a new way to exist, a planet with no star that has discovered infinite ways to shine.


Mark Allnutt


Mark is a Cape Townian musician. His love of heavy metal is matched only by the pull of cinnamon donuts. When conceptualising the Max Chops album, Mark thought it a sneaky way to collaborate with some of his favourite local musicians, without having to awkwardly appear in public with them.

Gareth Lloyd


Gareth began drumming at the age of 19, whilst at University. He has performed in bands in both the UK and South Africa, and was in the band All Guns Full Ammo with Mark Allnutt from 2013 – 2016. He is a natural rhythm stick, and, finds solace in the small things in life. Like a new mousepad, or a trimmed beard.

Damian Rijkers


Damian has made a career out of drumming. His Trinity grades, teaching posts, and South African band involvement have made him a foreboding presence behind the kit. Like a dandelion in a gentle breeze, Damian sits strong, bobbing only his head along to the technical wonderings of his feet below.

Greig Cameron
Lead Guitar


Greig comes from a classical guitar, and punk rock background. Eventually playing in Rock and Metal bands in his late 20s, Greig’s notable melody writing ability was what made him the right choice for “Brown”. A song that already had lots of melody to it, but required just that one piece at the end of the puzzle to bring it all together. His contribution resulted in a beautiful, and moving clean-guitar solo.

Neil Bezuidenhout
Lead Guitar


Neil has been playing guitar since the age of 15. He’s a family man, loves video games, and looks kinda like a ‘metal’ David Bowie. Neil was an obvious choice for the album, with his neoclassical sound and fast fingers. His 3 lead contributions on “Red” was what brought the song together, and made it an easy choice for opening track. The last solo 2 solos on the track were written as a conversation with the intermittent synthesisers and fast rhythm sections in-between them.

Nathan Dickson
Lead Guitar


Nathan was born into a family of gifted musicians. His vocal training from an early age gave his ear the ability to find the most fascinating of melodies within sometimes odd chord structures. Giving him the lead section in “White” was a comfortable decision. The rhythm was in 2 sections: a fast monotone driving pattern, and then an oddly timed and mixture of different chords. He was able to blend both a neo classical and classic rock sound over the two parts, which flowed beautifully into the ending chorus as Mark was looking for.

Charles Knighton-Pullin
Lead Guitar


When someone in Cape Town says virtuoso, Mark thinks of Charles, a University level trained guitarist and teacher. Charles has been playing guitar since birth clearly, and has played in South African theatre productions, corporate bands, cover bands, and of course, Rock and Metal bands. Unlike his guitaring which get’s better with age, his once flowing locks that he majestically let blow in a fan on stage, has transformed into a short middle-aged hair style.

Conrad Lottering
Lead Guitar


The King of the North, Conrad originally hails from Johannesburg, but moved to Cape Town to pursue his musical career. When not playing in his two Metal bands, he can be found playing bass guitar overseas on the ski slopes of Saas-Fee. Conrad’s style of lead guitar has a wide and sparse flow that matched the ‘cosmic’ sound of “Green”. His choice of melodies and patterns gave the song the much needed oomph, resulting in an explorative ending section, filled with many different layers of interest.