Save To Kill

Year: 2017
Genre: Gothic Arcade Metal
Tracks: 8



Mark Allnutt (composer) and Independent Game Developer, Eric LaCroix, found each other on the Underground portal, Newgrounds.com.


Newgrounds is an online space for independent musicians, game developers, animators, and artists to interact and showcase their projects to each other.


Eric was looking for a composer that could emulate the music of the Castlevania video game series, but with an original flare.


A combination of Rock/Metal guitars, Techno drums, and Arcade synthesizers resulted in the 19 minute soundtrack for Save To Kill.


Each track was originally written as a short 40-50 second loop, that would play continuously throughout the respective level.


Once the game was complete and online, the original songs were then extended to form a ‘releasable’ album.


Eric, on the Soundtrack:


“I really wanted a metal/Castlevania type soundtrack that Mark nailed perfectly. Most of the songs did not need any adjustments and sounded perfect when Mark presented them to me.


In fact, most of the adjustments made to the songs were from him personally, even AFTER I had approved the song. I love that dedication. I find myself taking my phone out and playing the songs while at work, driving, and gardening at home. They really blow me away.”



Save To Kill is a 1980s styled top-down arcade shooter; also known as a Bullet-hell. A simple yet addictive style of gaming, where your enemies come at you in waves, making you dodge left and right, up and down, whilst both attacking and avoiding damage.


You play as a vampire that awakes from his slumber to find his one true food source, humans, being obliterated by an invading alien force. The only way to protect your humans is to defeat the aliens.


Fiery crossbows, swords, and tumbling ninja manoeuvres make up your arsenal of attacks as you fly through the levels towards the alien mother ship.


There are 5 game levels, and 1 ‘endless’  bonus level that is activated after you defeat the final ‘boss’.




Eric LaCroix is a 35 year old living in Pennsylvania, USA. He loves old Arcade games, and more modern RPGs like Dark Souls. Being a hardcore gamer most of his life, Eric decided to pick up the “code-free” Game Developing software, Stencyl, and give developing a try.


His first two games Viking Run and Humanoid Space Race were both featured on the front page of the popular website, NewGrounds.com, and were played over 50,000 times on that site alone.


To find and play all of his games, view this site: