Pyjama Planet Services

Original Composition

You have made a video, and library music isn’t quite working. So now what do you do? Hire a composer of course!
After listening to your brief, we turn your vision into a musical composition that both enhances and supports your picture.


This video titled “Ink Protocol” was made for a South African animation company, took 1 week to produce, and was bought outright by the client.

Mixing and Mastering

You’ve recorded your music or your album. Now what? You hire a music producer of course!
After listening to your vision, we’ll receive your raw recorded music from the interweb and turn it into the masterpiece you’ve been searching for.


This Mix and Master is of Pyjama Planet’s 2018 single, “Way of the Sinner”.
Once the song was recorded raw, it took 1 week to produce it into the fully mastered song that exists today.

Commissioned Music

A collection of music written for clients by Pyjama Planet Studios from 2015 onwards.

Pitch Music

A collection of music pitched to prospective clients for TV shows, Films, and Games from 2015 onwards.